'Music expresses that

which cannot be put into words

and that which cannot remain silent'  

Victor Hugo


In a word (or two)...

Voix Vivante is a music representation company that specialises in classical musicians, with an emphasis on singers. 


We work with both emerging and established artists, priding ourselves on the creation of a smooth journey from score to stage.   

Our objective is to ensure that those we represent are given the great performances they deserve and to guarantee that the world at large hears these creative, courageous and extremely artistic performers.  


Some of our stunning artists...

Lisa Cassdy

Lisa Cassidy

Coloratura Soprano 

Jeremy Avis

Tenor I Composer I Producer


Mark Saberton



Artists on tour...

At Voix Vivante we are hugely proud of our ability not only to promote the artists we represent, but also to develop and deliver tours. Many years of experience have given us keen nose for accurately sensing the changing markets and understanding the current face of classical music.


Our portfolio of skills allows us to confidently bridge the programming gap between diverse classical repertoire and concerts that range from contemporary music at its cutting edge to jazz and experimental hybridic performances.


Our artists and concert promoters can rest assured that our concert, recital and music tours  will deliver the best that is on offer, seamlessly. 

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Managing Director:  Gareth Williams 

PR and Administration: Jennifer Black

Booking: garethwilliams111@gmail.com

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